MossFest, a children’s concert

Honoring the joyful life of Moss Pieratt

John “Moss” Pieratt, Jr.’s love for music and people were the defining qualities that drove the Pieratt and Jenkins families to stage a concert in Moss’s honor. Presented by Texas Mutual and held in the heart of the ABC Kite Fest, MossFest features artists in a playful, family-friendly setting.

2019 MossFest Lineup

Barton Hills Choir 10:00am – 10:45am

Barton Hills Elementary school touts the beloved Barton Hills Choir who have performed nationwide and are known for their cool dance moves and awesome choice in popular music!

Que Pastas 11:00am – 11:30am

The Que Pastas are a kindie (kid+indie=kindie) band based out of Austin. When not making music for kids and their families alike, these two fellas are often found eating cereal and making fun videos of their songs.

Mr. Will  11:35am – 12:05pm

Returning to MossFest after a terrific show at our first concert, Mr. Will is a beloved Austin musician who performs at hootenannies and jamborees with original and well-known favorites so everyone can sing along!

Dan Zanes & Claudia Eliaza 12:15pm – 1:00pm

People Magazine calls multiple Grammy winner Dan Zanes “the crown prince of contemporary kid’s music” and we are delighted to welcome him and his new bride, Claudia, to share their danceable, singable world music at MossFest!